School will re-open on Tuesday 2nd September at 8.40am. We look forward to seeing you then for what promises to be a really exciting year for all of us at Woolston Community Primary School.
Welcome to Woolston Community Primary School

These are a few examples of what makes the children at Woolston such fabulous friends...

Lucy is a really good friend because she includes everyone in everything, she never gets jealous or selfish, and she is always generous.

Hannah is a really good friend because she’s loyal, truthful and she’s everyone’s friend: from a bug to a giant or a very tall dragon!!

Luke is the best friend because if you’re upset he chooses his best joke to make you happy again.

Katie is the best friend because she always tries her hardest to cheer you up, she can always sort out a problem, and she is just a brilliant friend!

Liam makes me happy and he always wants to sit next to me.

Ryan is the best friend because he always sticks up for me, he shares things with me and always listens to my problems. He’s the best of friends!

Alyssa has a smile on her face all the time.

Ayaan is a really good friend, we make each other laugh and we always say to each other “you’re my best friend!”

Me and Summer have been together since we were little babies and we’ve never fallen out, I think we will always be best friends forever.

Jayden is a good friend because he helps me when I’m stuck with my work.

When I’m in a bad mood, Owen always cheers me up and he never lets me down.

Lauren is never off task.

Eli is a good friend to everyone in my class, when anyone in my class is upset Eli makes them happy.

Libby is always there for people but not just in her class, even people in other classes too.

Callum is one of the nicest people I know; he never injures anyone, he always wants things to be fair, and most of all he is always there for me.

When you’re down, Miriam will pick you up.

Zara is the best friend because of her attitude towards others.

Izzy is the nicest person because when I am down she tries to make me smile and she always succeeds. Izzy is lovely and I am glad to be her friend.

Lucas is a great friend because he always helps me a bit with work, like literacy and maths.

Oliver always helps me with my work when i am stuck.

Emily is thoughtful and kind and makes everyone feel special.

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